Sunrise Collection

Spring Summer 2014

From the typical “handicraft” scent Le Comari P/E Collection 2014 arises. Sunrise Collection has been designed from the passion and love for an accessory that is always so really important for women: the handbag. Sunrise Collection is a very sophisticated handbag created by the choice of the right combination of genuine leathers and excellent materials. It is worked by craftsmen and designed by an affirmed Leather Good designer, giving life to a unique accessory that shows its “typical excellence of our Made in Italy”. Le Comari accurately chooses the right materials to be up-to-date. Bright and cool colors combined with neutral details to make their handbags always in harmony with the look of every woman. For this spring-summer Collection the brand shows an unique explosion of colors, a new dimension of product which becomes a special accessory.

Le Comari never disappoints its costumers but becomes their daily skillful fellow. The fine genuine leathers give new tactile sensations while the colors give excellent visions. Le Comari handbags have a clever and a wit structure. In fact they are comfortable and roomy in the office and soft and wrapping in the free time. The brand Le Comari wants to follow the real needs of the modern woman. A special capsule collection, singular in a sophisticated and refined design, an efficient structure and modern forms, particularly for the fanciful combination of leathers and colors. New custom textures designed purely to enrich the collection refined taste, which in line with the know-how of the brand, does not disappoint. A spring/summer collection full of soft and delicate colors combined with shining color notes, lovely all the bags as the warm summer evenings.

The genuine leathers are distinguished by their pleasant surface treatments. Our cowhide leather is soft and deep touch with magnificent different colors and effective shadings, while our full-grain calf leather is worked with natural techniques and suggests softness touch, really important and unique in these leathers. Our handbag are structured to contain and store our treasures, various pockets with smart zippers and pullers make our accessories singular. Finally, the champagne-colored inner lining gives to Le Comari handbag a stylish look.


A special model, our beloved lady-like simple and elegant with a comfortable closure for our capacious bag. The expandable sides with a clever zipper system in light gold brass. A minimal twist fastening is with a geometrical shape facilitates the closing and the opening of the central part of the bag.



The smallest of the collection. Comfortable and efficient for the adjustable shoulder strap with light gold knobs , two delicate tubular handles, a small flapbag closure and our logo pressed to fire decorates the heart of the handbag.