Spring Summer Collection


The collection S/S 2016 of Le Comari is an explosion of ideas, of designs, textiles and colors. Just like the summer it is an exploit of desire for something new after the greys of winter. Le Comari imagines its summer Collection on a woman that has the desire to wear her bags also in a work context but without compromising her desire to always be in the latest styles.

From here the new line of handbags was conceived and expresses the full tastes of a woman to complete her outfit with the right accessories. The materials utilized are always unique and created after careful consideration down to the last detail. The new models express the creativity and passion for the accessory of the handbag and always represent the Le Comari brand.


It is easy to be captured by handbags for those special occasions from the line Montecarlo representing a strong style but always with soft forms. The motive of the line is expressed with luminous textiles that have a chic profile in leather with a strong closure. Three different size models express various day to day needs.

Jacqueline, with her spacious interiors is perfect for the woman who works and needs a bag that holds all that is necessary for the day. Grace, with her adjustable over the shoulder strap is for the dynamic woman who goes for a afternoon stroll with friends. Audrey, the glamorous clutch, in conclusion boasts soft elegant lines.



Refined and chin the Provenza line boasts spacious bags in a prestigious boucle fabric. With edging in leather and with delicate beige and light blue tones the bag is super accessorized which can be seen in the form and structure. Numerous pockets characterize the insides and most of the all the two external ones.

The small bag Amelie, with its handy adjustable strap, three compartments, and two external pockets has a fast centrally located closure. The large tote Michelle, handy to throw over your shoulder, has space for everything one may need for work including files and a laptop for which each has its place. Both profiles in leather are feminine and ultra modern.



Warm like the summer weather is the Line Sunset. Bags for the beach or long aperitifs along the coast of California, for long walks with friends who all love the sea. It is the California which suggests its colors and names to reflect these moods. Two models of the Monica, an open tote with removable interior clutch to throw over your shoulder.

The Barbara bucket shaped bags with an adjustable strap. Both created with a particular textile that guarantees integrity and protection for what the bags hold but which also allows you to see the contents, which represents the warm summer. It is the beauty of everything feminine.


Golden Heart

Decisive structured bags are those of the Golden Heart Collection, perfect for audacious women who love their life. With large pockets placed throughout the interior, the external surface is a combination of materials and textures. Often audacious but never dismissed.

Three models Olivia, the should hobo, Bridgette with its adjustable strap and the Camille as small shoulder bag. Enhanced with velvety textures, with cool colored chamois and married with tumbled calf leather are the protagonists of this collection that hide one heart and protects it.



The Mexico Collection of Le Comari are a line of spacious and sophisticated handbags for casual evenings and are easy to wear. For the woman who likes to always have everything with her, for those who leave the house in the morning and return in the evenings straight for an aperitif with friends. Two bags, Frida and Maribel, with a minimal design but at the same time strong and unique.

Frida, the shoulder bag is spacious. Maribel, the day-to-day fully accessorized handbag with a handy shoulder strap is perfect for every occasion. Both models hark the colors of Mexico in the details and texture. Its designs are realized by hand using a coating method on canvas and denim with also a weatherproof coating that makes it perfect under any weather while being at the same time modern.



Here is the friendship of the summer, the Lola, the bag that is never full. Created to be comfortable, functional, and spacious.

Designed and created in luxurious leathers with a supple, implacable touch.