Costiera Collection

Spring Summer 2015

With the arrival of the warm seasons women immediately dream long walks by the sea, kissed by the warm wind or sitting outside a coffee-bar together with their best  friends tasting a drink, chatting, laughing and enjoying the scent of flowers and new bright and warm summer colours . Spring and summer bring with them a wave of good humor and an explosion of colours and Le Comari has wanted to spread on the new collection Spring / Summer 2015. Le Comari creative team has created the Collection S/S 2015 inspired by the fabulous Italian places where the smells and colours transmit enjoy, happiness and let you dream especially in summer season.

The extraordinary Italian places known in whole the world: Amalfi and Sorrento Coast. The Costiera Collection S/S 2015 encloses three shoulderbag always super up-to-date: Amalfi, Sorrento and Positano. The character and temperament of a woman is often underlined by the choise of a colour and , with the Costiera Collection, Le Comari’s friends can widely enjoy in their choise. Three different and essential handbags but really comfortable and roomy. They change in trendy, fashion, elegant, chic and casual handbags according to the colour.