Caffè sospeso

Calendario 2017
A calendar to celebrate Naples, its story, natural beauty, aromas and art but most of all to celebrate the entrepreneurship that created historic companies representing Naples worldwide. It is the Concept that the new editorial products of the brand Le Comari by Olga Visione. Based in Naples, and specialized in handbags, basing its success on hand made excellence through the use of selected fabrics and leathers expertly crafted. Exclusive and innovative products where Made in Naples is a guarantee of quality for the innate characteristics of these artisans. Attention to detail, sensibility, desire to impress and with a open mind towards continued research. From the analysis of these characteristics emerges the theme of the calendar for 2017 “Caffè Sospeso” by Le Comari. We recall the Neapolitan tradition of a simple morning coffee at the bar, buying two and leaving one for another person that day. A generous act, an invitation to support. Characteristics that render Naples and Neapolitans unique worldwide.