Gipsy Collection

Fall Winter 2014/2015

Le Comari continues its journey. A trip that is articulated and eclectic, experimental, luxurious and that is rigorously MADE IN ITALY. It is a expression of new forms, new volumes and careful research to the use of leathers that are always refined and exclusive that allow the collection to have character which evokes prestige and which are loved by our friends who like to go with the times. The luxury of juxtaposition, with sophisticated up to date details, prestigious leathers, unique color palates, created using traditional antique methods, respecting a strong new vision interpreted in its warm colors that are essential and stand the test of time.

Bags which are works of arts, elaborate and perfect from our laboratories, where expert artisans create our designs to give life to friendships, the real ones, that accompany us our whole lives, trusted and excellent. Through the meticulous research, color studies and use of materials, the couture collection speaks of an eccentricity, which is profoundly luxurious. We love to personalize our bags, give them a name, a character, a defined personality. We present the trio for always… the inseparables. MARLENE, MARIE and MARILU’…


The first, MARLENE is easy but audacious, spacious and structured but harmonious… soft to the touch in leather but robust… for every trip. For those urban, day-to-day moments, for work, or for play. Two handy straps to throw over your shoulder or to hold by hand. The expandable sides have an automatic secure system, which is resistant. The insides are ready, organized and can hold every accessory require.



And then there is the MARIE, a sack with is comfortable which wraps in an ergonomic style to carry over the shoulder or across the body for our dynamic friends who run through the city for appointments.



And finally the small MARILÚ, compact and intelligent. A trusted clutch, with quick closure, accessorized with a thin shoulder strap with a carefully constructed interior making it easy to always use, or for those special events.