About Us

Le Comari

Why Le Comari? Women want to express their solidarity with other woman, from confidants to friends and in this guise Le Comari expresses the connection between a woman and her bag, which protects her own deepest kept secrets.

For every woman!


Our history

Olga Visione was born in Naples. Bright, curious, and full of joy, she made her first steps in life amidst the fabrics of her father’s tailor laboratory, one of the most famous in the city. When you are one of the most famous tailors in the Naples, by default you are one of the best in Italy. It was the time when men started to take care in their appearance, and in their desire to evoke elegance began to don custom made clothing, in the most beautiful textiles, that were available. These were the garments that made us fell in love, ones that hark back to the best of days when many flocked to Naples from all over the world to study the city’s rich art and culture and also learned how to dress from the best tailors in the city. Olga caresses the cottons, linens, and prestigious woolens. She knows their scent and can identify their characteristics immediately, all the while observing her clients joy to her creations. And once on their way out the door, and into the world, pride overtakes all and she realizes years of family heritage coming to fruition. Throughout the years Olga took over the role of also of teacher and maintains a sense of joy that she had as a child. In fact, it is exactly this joy and empathy that characterizes her dialogue with her students.

After completing her degree in Languages and Foreign Literature, it was the musicality of the English language, which stole her heart as she brings alternative methods of teaching into the class including music. Her students learn to love analyzing lyrics and permit her to enter into the soul of her students. Michele, Olga’s partner in life and father of her children, has accompanied her in this great adventure. Their love has created many things including a beautiful career for them, a united loving family and a bright future that they both believe in. In fact, it was for Michele, that Olga sewed for the first time in her father’s laboratory using material to make a garment for him. It was Michele, who keenly understood that Olga had reached the moment to finally realize her dream. Le Comari was founded with these ideals. From a strong sense of love that developed into the realization of a dream. This love created hope for the future and is present not only from father to daughter, husband, and wife and also of course from artisan to client. This is the strong bond and vision that creates in the woman and her purse, as a symbol of style.

The Le Comari bags are unique and stylish with a careful attention to every detail. Le Comari Bags are created with strict artisan traditions, by a team of women who represent the best of artisanal production in the region. It all began with silk ties, which represented a symbol of elegance and excellence of craftsmanship in Naples. It then moved to leathers, which were incorporated, into future collections.

Each bespoke piece is handcrafted and unique down to every last detail. The most prominent characteristics of the Le Comari bags however are related to its usability. A purse cannot be functional for a woman, like Olga in fact, who lives a full rich and busy life without certain characteristics.

For her a purse is like a trusted friend, who protects your secrets and is supportive.


A Le Comari bag is the anthem of the life of a woman, of all walks of life and stature. Whether young or mature women, interesting or beautiful, strong, modern or vintage every woman is a force of nature. Olga loves this entire woman, because they are she. And she creates for this woman. Le Comari is under continuous evolution with primary elements that create the basis for creativity, functionality, love and sustainability. Olga and Michele’s biggest dream is to inspire, and create a marvelous universe for their clients and allowing them to experience the quality and tradition of this incredible city through their creations.

Le Comari introduces younger generations, much loved by Olga, to great artisanal work, which is real and creative. And their ultimate desire is to create a real laboratory, which acts as a beacon of quality and beauty where young people can experience that, which has come before them, and move forward in their lives with passion and dedication to artisanal traditions.